Can I buy DVD’s of the shows?

No. All DVD’s are subject to copyright restrictions and cannot be used commercially. A theatre or dance production involves numerous copyrighted groups of people – dancers, actors, musicians, conductors, collaborators in other fields, as well as music rights for composers. Many titles can be borrowed for research purposes, others can be found in the archives of different showrooms. Small extracts on this website are however provided in the same manner as companies promote their repertory online.

Where can I get specified details about each production?

You can contact each respective theatre or company. Usually they also provide repertory details on their websites. For artistic issues and other relevant info, please forward to mail address below.

Can I download high resolution photos on this website?

No. Public use of photos is a juridical matter between each company and each photographer. Please search for and contact these directly.

Where can I obtain Jo Strømgren’s full CV?

Make the inquiry to mail address below.

Who do we contact for booking of shows?

Please contact each theatre or company directly. Or their agents.

Does Jo Strømgren give auditions?

No. All work outside Jo Strømgren Kompani is subject to decisions made by each theatre or ballet director. Some productions do however allow the involvement of new performers or freelance artists. In such cases, an archive of good CV’s is always useful to maintain and update. CV’s and signs of interest are welcome. Please forward to mail address below. Do not expect quick replies.

We don’t know much about dance, but our project needs a choreographer.

This is a frequent inquiry. Many times, artists in other fields than dance and theatre may not be acquainted with the multitude of choreographers and their styles and abilities. Consequently they start with the names they may already know. Usually, Jo Strømgren tries to forward such inquiries to suitable collegues by hunch. It is however more fruitful to do some research on the dance field and discover the vast diversity yourself. The wrong choreographer in the wrong project is never a good idea.

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