The room within the room

Jo Strømgren has had the privilege to collaborate with a number of exquisite set designers. However, certain ideas benefit from a single brain creativity. Over the years, Jo Strømgren has created more than 50 unique set designs. A messy model workshop in his home in Oslo serves as the spring board to full blown sets on different stages around the world. The choices of styles, materials, and concepts are diverse but far away from any obvious trends. Every performance idea creates its own rules, also for the larger visual touch. A set design should both support and counterpoint the dramaturgy, which requires not only a visual craft but also a deeper understanding of the director’s or choreographer’s visions. In Jo Strømgren’s case, it is certainly beneficial that he only makes set designs for his own productions. Jo Strømgren is a long time member of Norske Scenografer, the Norwegian Set Designers Union.